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Regalia for a Knight Templar


    regalia.png Mantle
Belt with Frog
Sword & Scabbard
Gloves or Gauntlets
Star Jewel
Cross of the Temple Jewel
Malta Cross Jewel (if qualified)


   kt-cap.jpg         kt-jewel.gif            belt-frog.jpg
The Cap The Jewel The Belt with frog for holding the sword.
mantle.jpg (thumbnail)  -knights-regalia-mantle-.jpg (thumbnail) sword.jpg
The Mantle  The Tunic              The Sword
 blackgloves.jpg (thumbnail) gauntlets.jpg (thumbnail) kt-sash.jpg (thumbnail)
Black Gloves Gauntlets The Sash
kt-star.gif (thumbnail) km-jewel.jpg (thumbnail) case.jpg (thumbnail)
The Star The Malta Cross Jewel
(when qualified)
Soft Carry Case


There is also a unique tie
for Cheshire and North Wales
which is obtainable from the
Provincial Prior/ Sub Prior/ Vice Chancellor
Cost £10.00 each.





Changes on becoming a Preceptor

Patriarchal Cross on Mantlepreceptors mantle
Crimson hood lining


Crimson cord and tassels

preceptor cap

Patriarchal Cross cap badge (silver metal)



Star Jewel with Patriarchal Cross (optional, but desired)

A Preceptor also wears, during the tenure of his Office, a Preceptor’s Cross collar jewel and collarette, and, in his own Preceptory, carries a Baton

A Past Preceptor may wear a Past Preceptor’s Cross collar jewel and collarette, but does not carry a Baton

Changes on Appointment as a Provincial Officer

Provincial Officer’s Sash (black with a single white stripe)
Mantle Badge of Office

Changes on Appointment as a Great Officer

Patriarchal Cross cap badge (gilt metal)
Great Officer’s Sash (black, 3 white stripes, gold fringe)
Mantle Badge of Office

A Prelate, Chaplain and Almoner do not wear a belt, or carry a sword, whilst acting in that office.


All Jewels, Crosses and Stars, when not worn suspended from the neck, shall be placed upon the left breast of the Tunic, but not upon the Red Cross thereon, nor upon the Sash.

The Cross of the Temple shall be placed nearest to the centre of the Tunic, the Cross of Malta next to it and in line, with it further away from the centre, the Star shall be placed below them both, and centrally between them.


The sash should be worn over the right shoulder and under the left arm, and under the Belt with the fringe lying on the outside of the Sword Scabbard.