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Provincial Malta meeting 31 Oct 2017






 The Great Mareschal, RE Provincial Prior, Kt. James Powell (candidate) and Sub Prior.

The Provincial Prior and Sub Prior at the Festive Board.


R.E.Kt. Dr Anthony George Mathie
   25 April 1946 – 4 May 2021
  Provincial Prior 2013 – 2021

Eulogy by
Alan Pierce
Provincial Sub-Prior in Charge

Brother Knights

It is with much sadness that I begin by remembering our late Provincial Prior, Right Eminent Knight Dr. Anthony George Mathie, whose sudden death on the 4 May 2021 was a great shock to us all.

Tony had been involved in many walks of life – his long and distinguished medical career, his involvement with the local church, the Territorial Army, many Orders in Freemasonry, and much more beside; he was passionate about them all, but today I will speak a little of his contribution to this Order – to Knights Templar.

Tony was Installed as a Knight of the Order in 1988. He became Eminent Preceptor of Temple Preceptory No. 327 in 1996, rising through Provincial rank, and then before too long receiving the honour of Great rank. He was a much accomplished and admired ritualist and his ability to deliver perfect ceremonies with feeling and confidence made it a privilege to be present to hear him.

His love for Knights Templar was well known, and having written an account of the history of the Province of Cheshire – as it then was called – his immense knowledge on the subject couldn’t be challenged.

Tony sought to raise the profile of the Order of Malta in the Province and instigated the separate Provincial Malta meeting we now hold in October.

I have spoken previously about the energy and commitment Tony applied to his duties as Provincial Prior. Since his appointment in 2013, he travelled the length and breadth of England and Wales as an ambassador for the Province he was immensely proud of, and he was highly regarded by everyone who came to know him.

After some eight years in post, it was perhaps in Tony’s mind that he would step down in the near future, but alas it was not to be –

Brother Knights, we have lost a dedicated Provincial Prior – a wife has lost her beloved husband, two children have lost their father and three grandchildren have lost their Grandpa. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family at this sad time.


It now falls to me to address this Annual Meeting of the Provincial Priory of Cheshire and North Wales.

I have already spoken of the sad loss of our Right Eminent Provincial Prior.

I turn to the many months when we have all been affected by the Covid pandemic. Day to day life simply stopped; families were separated by lockdown, and our Masonic activities were suspended.

There is of course, little to report with regard to Provincial or Preceptory activity; no meetings and no visits. No installation of new knights, but a healthy list of those patiently waiting to join the Order. Back office – by that I mean the Provincial Vice-Chancellor – kept a small flame burning but that aside we paused and waited for things to restart.

For those greatly affected by the pandemic – families who have lost loved ones, or who were unable to see the arrival of new ones, we all share your sadness.

Now, hope could finally be on the horizon. There may be light at the end of the tunnel, and with good luck we will soon be able to meet safely, resume our activities, and renew old friendships in our Preceptories, Lodges and Chapters. I wish you all well with coming together once again, and trust that we are not found too rusty in our duties.

For those who have concerns about returning to their Knightly duties, or general concerns about fulfilling their obligations to the Order, I must emphasise that the Provincial team is on hand to talk through those concerns and hopefully assist in alleviating any worries. Please get in touch with the Provincial Vice-Chancellor in the first instance if need be.

 If we can help, we will.

I congratulate the Knights of the Province who have received the honour of appointment or promotion in Great Priory this year – well deserved recognition of their contribution to the Order and I wish them well.

To Acting rank –

Deputy Great Marshal: E.Kt. Fraser John Fowlie, Prov. Mar.

Great Captain of Guards: E.Kt. Anthony James Lloyd, Dep.Prov.Mar.

To Past rank –

Past Great Registrar: E.Kt. Philip Broadhurst, P.Gt.Her.,Prov.Chan. 

Past Great Registrar: E.Kt Harry Crook, Past Deputy Great Marshal

Past Great Aide-de-Camp: E.Kt. John Robert Bramley, P.Pr.2ndCon.

Past Great Aide-de-Camp: E.Kt. David Nicholas Wild. P.Pr.1stCon.

Past Great Warden of Regalia: E.Kt. Roger Thomas Quayle, P.Pr.2ndCon.


Today, new Provincial Officers have been appointed – or re-appointed – on a very socially distanced basis – no ceremonial presentation and no celebration luncheon to follow. Our meeting in October, when Knights are due to receive their corresponding Malta ranks, will be the opportunity to rectify that.

That meeting will be somewhat different from our usual October ceremony, as the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, accompanied by Great Priory Officers, will travel to Christleton to Install a new Provincial Prior for Cheshire and North Wales. Much more information will be shared with you all before too long, but I can tell you that the meeting will be at Freemasons Hall, Cheshire View, Christleton on Saturday 16 October. Please put it in your diaries.

The Provincial Prior’s luncheon and the annual Church Service will not take place this year – mainly because of Covid.

Each appointment today is much deserved and I offer my congratulations to each and every one of you. It is perhaps a fitting tribute to Right Eminent Knight Tony that, when it is possible, you will go out and celebrate your new Temple ranks.  

I place on record my grateful thanks to the Provincial Officers and Knights who have supported Tony during his years in Office, and for their support to me over recent weeks.

The future may be different to what we have known, Brother Knights, but let us embrace it with heart and soul.

May God bless you all.

Diolch yn fawr


Alan Pierce

Provincial Sub-Prior in Charge

On Friday 17th May, The Preceptory of Faith and Hope No. 326 will be installing a David Trencher as a new Knight of the Order at Altrincham Masonic Hall, Clay Lane, Timperley, Altrincham,  beginning at 6.00 p.m.

On Wednesday 24th April 2019, Palestine Preceptory No. 217 will be installing a new Knight of the Order in the presence of the Provincial Team. Meeting commences at 6:00 pm at Wallasey Masonic Hall. Manor Road, Wallasey.

On Monday 1st April 2019, Menai Preceptory No. 231 will be installing Kt. Peter Lee Williams as their next Eminent Preceptor and Prior. The meeting will be held at the Masonic Hall, Parc Menai, Bangor LL57 4FA. The meeting will begin at 6.00 pm. Please note new venue.

On Wednesday 27th February 2019, The de Tabley Preceptory No. 100 will be holding their next regular meeting in the presence of the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, Paul Raymond Clement, accompanied by Officers of Great Priory. This very special meeting will also welcome our own Provincial Prior, Dr Anthony George Mathie and Officers of Provincial Priory. The business for the evening will include an address by the Grand Master, a brief history of the Preceptory from the Provincial Sub-Prior, and oration from the Provincial Prelate and a reading by the Great Vice-Chancellor of the Centenary Warrant. The meeting will be held at The Masonic Hall, Willaston, Nantwich, commencing at 6:00 pm.

On Wednesday 27th February 2019, Palestine Preceptory No. 217 will install Companions John Lacey and Roy McWhan as Knights of the Order. The meeting will be held at Wallasey Masonic Hall beginning at 6:00 pm.

On Friday 18th January 2019, The Preceptory of Faith and Hope No. 326, will install Eminent Knight Barrie Sant, P Pr Herald, as its Eminent Preceptor at Altrincham Masonic Hall, Timperley beginning at 6:00 pm.

On Thursday 24th January 2019, Saint Salem Preceptory No. 15, will install as a Knight of the Order, Lee Danial Smith, in the presence of  Dr Anthony G. Mathie, Provincial Prior, who will be accompanied by the Provincial Sub-Prior, Em. Kt. Alan Pierce. The meeting will commence at 6:00 pm.

On Thursday 24th January 2019, The Preceptory of St. David, No. 454, will install Knight Geoffrey Gordon Rayner as its Eminent Preceptor at Lady Augusta Hall, Rhewl, Mostyn, beginning at 6:15 pm.

On Saturday 12th January 2019, The Preceptory of St. Hilary, No 184, will install Knight Jack Christopher Poller as Eminent Preceptor in the presence of Dr Anthony George Mathie, Provincial Prior, at the Masonic Temple, Clifton Road, Birkenhead, beginning at 13:00.

On Thursday 22nd November, St. Salem Preceptory No. 15 will be installing a new Knight of Malta and presenting Great Priory certificates to three Knights. Meeting to be held at Congleton Masonic Hall beginning at 6:00 pm.

On Tuesday 4th December, Grosvenor Preceptory No. 132 will be installing two new knights into the order (if successful in the ballot). Meeting to be held at Queen St. Chester at 6:00pm prompt.

On Thursday 22nd November, Northwich Preceptory No. 558 will be installing a new Knight of the Order at the Masonic Hall, Riseley Street, Macclesfield. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm.

On Thursday 15th November, the Preceptory of St. Werburgh No.605 will meet at the Masonic Hall, Plough Lane, Christleton at 6:00 pm  to invest officers not present at the Installation and also install a new Knight of Malta. The Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt.  Anthony George Mathie will be in attendance.

On Thursday 22nd November, the Preceptory of St. David No. 454 meets at The Lady Augusta Hall in Rhewl, Mostyn to install their Officers for next year. Kt Geoffrey Gordon Rayner has been nominated as Eminent Preceptor and elections will also be held to install into the order 2 new Knights Templar and also two Knights of Malta. 6.15pm start.

On Thursday 1st November, a combined Malta meeting will take place at Sandbach Masonic Hall involving Northwich, Temple and de Tabley Priories to elect and Install seven Knights of Malta. This should be an excellent evening and if you wish to dine afterwards please contact the Treasurer of Northwich Preceptory.

Places remain available for the Provincial Meeting itself and for the Dinner on Wednesday 31st October at Cheshire View, Christleton. It promises to be a most enjoyable occasion.

The Provincial Sub-Prior will open the Meeting of Provincial Priory at 6pm, but this will be preceded by Processions. Knights attending
the Meeting need to be assembled for 5.30pm.

On Wednesday 24th October, de Tabley Preceptory No. 100 will be installing E.Kt. David Richard Hinde P.Pr.Constable as Preceptor, in the presence of E.Kt. Philip Broadhurst, P.Gt. Herald, the Provincial Chancellor.

On Tuesday 2nd October, the Provincial Prior will be present at Grosvenor Preceptory No 132, when David Meacher-Jones is installed as Eminent Preceptor. To held at Queen St. Chester, 6:00pm.

Also on Monday 1st October, Temple Preceptory which meets at The Masonic Hall in Sandbach, will ballot for and Install as a Knight of the Order, Comp Neal Ducker.

Monday 1st October sees Royal Edward Preceptory No 14 install a new knight into the order at Oaklands Masonic Hall, Hyde.

Northwich Preceptory will welcome a joining member at September’s meeting (Thursday the 27th) as well receiving a talk by E.Kt. David Davies on “The Grand Objective”. The evening will also include “A Marshall’s Parade”. 

On the same evening, Thursday 27th September, Saint Salem  Preceptory No 15, who meet at Congleton Masonic Hall, will also be balloting for and installing (if approved) a new knight into the order.

On the same evening, Thursday 27th September, Saint Salem  Preceptory No 15, who meet at Congleton Masonic Hall, will also be balloting for and installing (if approved) a new knight into the order.

Also on the 27th September, De L’Isle Adam Preceptory No. 234 will be receiving a lecture entitled “From the Mists of Time – Knights Templar before 1851”.

On Friday 21st September, Croes Newydd Preceptory will be installing Kt John Crump as Eminent Preceptor at their meeting in Wrexham.

Also on Friday 21st September, at Altrincham Masonic Hall, the main item of business of The Preceptory of Faith and Hope No 326 will be to elect E.Kt Barrie Sant as Eminent Preceptor. The Provincial Prior,  R. Em. Kt. Dr Anthony G Mathie, will be in attendance.

On Saturday 8th September at 13:00, the Preceptory of St. Hilary No. 184 will be holding its next meeting where its main item of business will be to elect and install a new Knight of the Order.

On Thursday 20th September, Geoffroy de Bouillon  Preceptory No 91 will be installing as Eminent Preceptor: Kt. Warren E. Morris at Clifton Rd Masonic Hall Birkenhead in the presence of The Provincial Vice-Chancellor, E. Kt. Peter Butler