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World War II – We Remember Them.

Brother Knights

Did any of your relatives serve in the 1939 to 1945 World War?

We would welcome photographs of parents, grandparents or other
relatives who contributed to the War effort, in any avenue of life, to be
included on a dedicated page on the KT Website.

Whilst we live through our time of disruption, it would perhaps be a fitting
tribute to those who gave so much during those years of conflict, and the
recent celebration of Victory in Europe seventy five years ago seems to be
the ideal time to do so.

Photographs with a short descriptive caption may be emailed to the
Provincial Webmaster, Kt.Steve Parker, at  steveparker1@btinternet.com

V.E.Kt.Alan Pierce, P.Gt.Reg.
Provincial Sub-Prior

To begin with, here is our Provincial Marshal, Fraser Fowlie’s dad, Alistair, who was in the RAF


from our Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt. Tony Mathie

His father, Sgt. James Mathie RAMC in the Middle East

and your webmaster, Steve Parker’s dad, Joe Parker, Royal Navy, taken in Malta


from our Provincial Sub-Prior, Alan Pierce, his father and pals from the Royal Artillery

Gunner Frank Pierce and members of his Royal Artillery Battery in 1945


from  Ekt Harry Hambleton
Menai preceptory 232
Llewellyn Fawr preceptory 685
Jack Hambleton
( aircraft engineer Fleet Air Arm )
One of the unsung heroes who kept the planes flying from 1939 – 45


and one from Bryan George

Irvine George   Raf ground crew


next we have one from William Munroe. A nice family photo.

Sapper David Edward Munroe was in the Royal Engineers in North Africa, Italy Monte Casino and Dunkirk. 
He was a member of the Dunkirk Veterans Association in Corby Northants. and carried the banner at Remembrance parades each year until his passing.


and now a memorable photograph and story from Garth Cobley, St. David’s Preceptory

I’ve enclosed a picture of my late uncle Sergeant Major Jack Cobley with my Auntie Nellie who are on the right of the picture,
They are on their way to Buckingham Palace for Jack to receive the George Cross for his part in the Siege of Malta,


Also from Garth,

I would like to share this story with you,
It started in 1964. My Btn, 1st Green Jackets, were on active service in the Sarawak Borneo, on a fighting patrol in the jungle for 7 days. Our lead scout heard baby’s crying. Thinking this was a trap, we cleared the area and found two baby twin girls. They were not long born and had been abandoned. Luckily we had two married men with us who knew what to do. One of them, Stevo, and his wife, couldn’t have children so to cut the story short he adopted them both. My wife and I used to babysit them,
In the picture is myself and the twins  at there father’s funeral last year, the first time that we had meet in over fifty years.


Next we have a Victoria Cross holder from the RAF – not many of those!

E. Kt Stephen Carter PPr2nd Const.  (PPrOrg) of de Lisle Adam Preceptory no 234 and Haliwerfolc Preceptory no 233 (meeting in Durham)
recounts the details of his mother’s cousin Sgt. Thomas Gray of No. 12

A raid was carried out on bridges over the Albert Canal in Belgium on 12th May 1940,   just days before Dunkirk.  

The raid was by five planes (three crew in each plane) led by Pilot Officer Garland,  Sgt Gray and LAC Reynolds. One bridge was destroyed by Garland but of the 15 total crew, 6 died, eight were taken as PoWs and one escaped back to base.

Pilot Officer Garland was awarded the VC for his leadership and  Sgt Gray for his ” coolness and resource in navigating the lead aircraft under the most difficult conditions”  There is no mention of the rear gunner Reynolds!!    
Garland, Gray and Reynolds were buried secretly by the locals and re-interred side by side in the Heverlee Cemetery, Leuven near Brussels
after the war by the Allies.  I visited the Cemetery in 1992. (picture below)
Pilot Officer Garland and Sgt Gray are on the honours board at Cosworth RAF Museum and their photos hang on the wall at the Union Jack Club in London.


E.Kt. Stephen Carter at Heverlee War Cemetery in Belgium
alongside the final resting place of his mother’s cousin Sgt. T Gray VC