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Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard

The Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard comprising Knights of the Order was first established in the Province in 1948.

At the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory held in June, the Provincial Prior appoints his Bodyguard for the ensuing year.

Provincial Priors Bodyguard for the 2024/2025 season invested on the 1st of June 2024 at Freemasons Hall Christleton. 

The Bodyguard is under the command of the Commander and Deputy Commander, with recommendations for appointment being made by the Provincial Sub-Prior in consultation with the Bodyguard Commander. 

The Knights appointed to serve in the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard are considered to be an integral part of the Provincial Team and by accepting the Office they are called upon to attend on the Provincial Prior at the Provincial Priory Meetings in June (Knights Templar) and October (Malta), Provincial Team visits and special occasions in the Province.  Members of the Bodyguard also have the opportunity to accompany the Provincial Prior when visiting Preceptories at other times.

Members are required to be examples of good order and regularity. They must carry out their movements correctly and with dignity, setting a good example to other Knights, both within their own Preceptory and when visiting other Preceptories.

Upon being Installed into the Order of the Temple, a Knight is eligible to be considered for membership of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard. However, only Knights who are deemed worthy of appointment are invited. Subject to satisfactory service, active membership continues until attaining the Chair of their Preceptory.

Knights invited to join the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard are also eligible to join the prestigious Preceptory of St George No.318: membership comprises of senior Officers of the Province (many of whom are past members of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard), and Knights who are present or past members of the Bodyguard. Meetings of the Preceptory take place on the first Thursday in May at Cheshire View, Christleton (Temple and Malta Installations Meeting) and the second Tuesday in October at Maesgwyn Hall, Wrexham (Malta Meeting).

Knights interested in being appointed to the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard should contact the Bodyguard Commander at bodyguardcommander@gmail.com – or the Provincial Sub-Prior at psp@cheshireandnorthwaleskt.org.uk  


COMMANDER OF THE BODYGUARD – E.Kt Eamon Quail Croes Newydd 603
DEPUTY COMMANDER – Kt. Danny Arnold St. Salem 15


Commander E.Kt. Eamon T. QuailCroes Newydd
Deputy Commander Kt. Danny ArnoldSt. Salem
Bodyguard RegistrarKt.Stephen GoddardSt. Hilary
MemberKt.Mark BuddSt. David
MemberE.Kt.Mark GleaveGrosvenor
MemberE.Kt.Adrian BunnTemple
MemberKt.Timothy CrossGrosvenor
MemberE.Kt.Thomas McCartenDe L'isle Adam
MemberKt.David ToppingTemple
MemberKt.Mark KeyworthRoyal Edward
MemberKt.Mark PashleyCroes Newydd
MemberKt.Russell PoveyLlewelyn Fawr
MemberKt.Michael Williams-Menai
MemberKt.Paul EelesFaith & Hope
MemberKt.Oli JennerDe L'isle Adam
MemberKt.Simon GildeaDe L'isle Adam
MemberKt.Edward AdamsDe L'isle Adam

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bodyguard please advise the Bodyguard Commander via Provincial Vice Chancellor.