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News and Reports

Here you will find News and Reports from Cheshire and North Wales Priory.

“The Provincial Prior dining with members of the Province at the Grand Connaught Rooms following the Great Priory of Malta meeting.”


St. David Preceptory No. 454 Installation

The Preceptory of St. David, 454 met face to face for the first time since the Installation meeting in January 2020 to Install Kt. Paul Sefton. Due to the covid restrictions in North Wales and the limitations of the Lady Augusta Hall, six knights met in a social distance meeting with the purpose of Installing the forty sixth Eminent Preceptor. It is the hope of the knights that we will be able to meet in full at the November meeting.
Paul Sefton 
Paul Sefton – Eminent Preceptor of St. David Preceptory     St. David Preceptory No 454 at the Installation.

Croes Newydd Preceptory

On 10th January 2020, at the Croes Newydd Preceptory, the Provincial Prior witnessed an excellent ceremony when a new candidate was admitted into the order.

The Provincial Prior, the Provincial Vice Chancellor, and the Candidate David Hinchliffe.


Croes Newydd Preceptory held a Malta ceremony recently and installed 5 candidates into the Order. Three candidates were from Grosvenor Preceptory and two from Croes Newydd.

Eminent Prior, John Crump, alongside the Provincial Sub-Prior Alan Pierce.

The meeting was attended by members of Croes Newydd and Grosvenor Priory.


Faith & Hope Preceptory No. 326 Installation

On 13th September Faith & Hope Preceptory No. 326 installed a new knight into the Order of Malta. The Provincial Prior, the Rt. Eminent Kt. Dr. Anthony George Mathie (centre) together with the Eminent Preceptor Barry Sant (left) are pictured with the candidate.

Preceptory of St. David No.454 Installation

At the July meeting of the Preceptory of St. David, No. 454. the Preceptory was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Sub-Prior, V.E. Kt. Alan Pierce, P.Gt.Reg., who was escorted by the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Fraser Fowlie, Dep.Gt.Marshal. They witnessed a superb Installation of Companion Richard Drabble into the Order by the Eminent Preceptor. The Provincial Sub-Prior gave an explanation of the Gt. Priory certificate for the first time in the Province by using both of the Preceptory Standard Bearers.

Companion Richard Drabble as a new Knight of the Order
The Preceptory also welcomed E.Kt. John Crump, the Eminent Preceptor of the Croes Newydd Preceptory, No. 603 who was accompanied with seven of his Knights to challenge for the Cup of Memory. The Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt Geoff Rayner having been satisfied that the rules of challenge being fulfilled, presented the Cup of Memory at the Festive board. All in all a happy and memorable meeting with forty two Knights dining.


E.Kt. John Crump, the Eminent Preceptor of the Croes Newydd Preceptory, 603 who challenged for the “Cup of Memory”








Provincial Team Visit to Palestine Preceptory No. 217

On Wednesday 24th April, Palestine Preceptory No. 217 was honoured to receive the   together with the Provincial Sub-Prior, the Eminent Kt. Alan Pierce and many other members of Provincial Priory, including 8 members of the Provincial Bodyguard, who formed a very impressive Arch of Steel.

Kris Davies
Newly installed Knight, Kris Davies 

On this occasion Companion Kristian Davies was installed as a Knight of the Order in what turned out to be an excellent ceremony, conducted by Past Preceptor, Em. Kt Gerhard Horeis and Em. Kt. John Higginson. 

Altogether over 40 members, guests and Officers of Provincial Priory attended, and later enjoyed the Festive Board  where the Provincial Prior spoke about changes at Great Priory and also commented on the good state of health of the Province of Cheshire and North Wales.

I am sure that Kt. Kristian will remember his installation for many years to come.


Kt. Kris Davies with the Provincial Prior

Members of Palestine Preceptory and Guests


Centenary Meeting of The de Tabley Preceptory, No. 100

It’s not often that a Preceptory celebrates its Centenary meeting some 151 years after it was Consecrated but his was the unusual position that The de Tabley Preceptory found itself in on Wednesday 27 February.

The de Tabley Preceptory, or Encampment as it was then known, was consecrated on 15 April 1868 and named ‘de Tabley’ in celebration of the appointment of George Leicester, or Leicester-Warren, the 2nd. Baron de Tabley, as the Provincial Grand Master for Cheshire.

In 1873, as a result of falling numbers, the Preceptory moved to Altrincham where it continued to meet for a number of years. Membership remained low and in 1884 the Preceptory committee proposed to move to Crewe or elsewhere.

A year later there was a change of mind and the Preceptory remained in Altrincham, but numbers did not improve.

The Preceptory had made no Returns to Great Priory since 1881, and held no meetings at all after December 1886. Eight more years elapsed before anyone noticed, it seems, for it wasn’t until 1894 that Provincial Priory advised that as de Tabley had not complied with a Resolution of Great Priory, and not sent the required Returns, the Warrant was forfeit and must be surrendered.

Whether it was by accident, or intent, the Warrant could not be found and so was not returned as instructed. By a stroke of luck, it was re-discovered a year later in 1895, when The Great Sub-Prior, Lord Euston, came to Chester to Install the Hon. Alan de Tatton Egerton – soon to be Lord Egerton of Tatton, and who was already the Provincial Grand Master – as Provincial Prior. Discussions took place whereby the Resuscitation of de Tabley Preceptory found favour, ultimately resulting in Great Priory cancelling the forfeiture of the Warrant and waiving all unpaid fees.

On the 16 May 1896 the Resuscitation meeting took place at Altrincham Town Hall.

However, records could not be found in 1996 to support one-hundred years of continuous working and only recently did the requisite proofs come to light.

The Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, Paul Raymond Clement, G.C.T. was delighted to be present to join the Preceptory in the long-awaited celebrations. (Pictured left to right, the M.E. & S. Grand Master hands the Centenary Warrant to E.Kt. David Hinde, P.Gt.W. of R. in the company of R.E.Kt. Dr Anthony George Mathie, Provincial Prior for Cheshire and North Wales.) and promoted him ‘in the field’ to Past Great Warden of Regalia. The Provincial Prior promoted E. Kt. Ken Thompson to the rank of Past Provincial Second Constable.

E. Kt. Alan Pierce, Past Gt. Std. B. (B), the Provincial Sub Prior and a Past Preceptor of de Tabley, gave a short presentation of the history of the Preceptory, taken from a longer account of which all present subsequently received a copy.

The Grand Master, the Great Marshal E Kt. Tim Wheeler KCT, the Asst. Great Vice-Chancellor E Kt. Dan Heath and the R E Provincial Prior were all made Honorary Members of de Tabley.


Photographs from de Tabley Preceptory’s Centenary

Pictured left to right, the M.E. & S. Grand Master hands the Centenary Warrant to E.Kt. David Hinde, P.Gt.W. of R. in the company of R.E.Kt. Dr Anthony George Mathie, Provincial Prior for Cheshire and North Wales.)

Knights of de Tabley Preceptory with the M.E. & S. Grand Master and the Provincial “team”.






The Banner of Royal Edward Preceptory No. 14 was dedicated in a ceremony in the presence of the Provincial Prior and Provincial Officers at a meeting of the Preceptory on 4 February 2019


On Thursday 24th January 2019, St. Salem Preceptory installed Lee Danial Smith as a Knight of the Order in the presence of the Provincial Prior, Dr. Anthony Mathie, the Provincial Sub-Prior, Em.Kt. Alan Pierce and other members of the Provincial Team.

Cheshire and North Wales have reached the target for donations to the Swift Appeal and have now received the commemorative model swift (see picture below) in recognition of the Province’s achievement. Further details to follow.

On Wednesday 24th October Palestine Preceptory No. 217 installed their Eminent Preceptor, Stuart Jones, for the forthcoming year. In attendance were the Provincial Vice-Chancellor E. Kt. Peter Butler and the Provincial Marshal E.Kt. Fraser Fowlie.

On Monday 24th October, de Tabley Preceptory held their Installation meeting, when E.Kt. David Hinde. P. Pr. Constable, was Installed in the Chair by E.Kt. Andy Bailey, in the presence of E.Kt. Philip Broadhurst, P Gt. Herald, Representative of the Right Eminent Provincial Prior. Members and friends are pictured below.


On Monday 1st October, Menai Preceptory No. 231 installed Jonathan Prebble as a Knight of the order in the presence of the Provincial Prior, Rt. Em. Kt. Dr. Anthony Mathie.

Jonathan Prebble with the Provincial Prior Rt.Em.Kt. Tony Mathie

Click on the link below to read the Provincial Prior’s 2018 Address


Provincial Prior’s Address


Croes Newydd Priory

Members of Croes Newydd Priory at their meeting on 1 Sept 2017.

Preceptory of St. David No. 454

On Thursday 20th July, the Preceptory of St David 454 installed two knights into the Order. A further thirty one Knights were in attendance. E.Kt. Peter Butler. P.Prov. Her, Deputy Marshal acted as the escort for the Prov. Prior and Sub-Prior. The Prov. First Constable, Prov Treasurer, Prov Marshal and Prov. AdeC, E.Kt. M. Mullen took part in the procession. The ceremony was conducted in three parts and was well received. The festive board added to what was already a very enjoyable evening.
Preceptory of St. David Double Installation Ceremony – Provincial Officers and members.

St. Werburgh Installation June 15th.

At the meeting of St Werburgh held last week (15/06) E.Kt Guy Story very ably installed his successor E.Kt Chris Jones.  The meeting was attended by the Provincial Prior who was escorted by E.Kt Peter Butler, Dep. Prov. Marshal.  It was a well supported meeting, with a number of visitors from this and other provinces. 

Closure of St. George Preceptory

The  214th and final meeting of the Preceptory took place at the Masonic Guildhall on Wednesday 10 May 2017.

The Warrant of the Preceptory is now held for safe keeping in the Provincial Archives.

Members of the Preceptory with Provincial Officers.


Report on the 215th meeting of the Preceptory, following it’s closure in 2017.

The Preceptory, formerly meeting at Stockport Masonic Guildhall, had surrendered its Warrant in 2017.

On the 3 May, 2018, the Preceptory was resuscitated as the Bodyguard Preceptory for the Province of Cheshire and North Wales upon the R E Provincial Prior’s  petition to Great Priory. A total of 28 Knights were present to witness the Provincial Sub Prior, E Kt. Alan Pierce, install R E Knight Dr. Anthony George Mathie, as Eminent Preceptor of the Preceptory, and Eminent Prior of the Priory.

The Preceptory will meet in May at Christleton and October (for 2018 at Maes Gwyn Hall, Wrexham) and will undertake Bodyguard drill and ceremonial duties.

Membership is open to all past and present members of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard.


Geoffroy de Bouillon Preceptory No. 91 celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2017.

On 5 May 2017 the Preceptory will mark this especial occasion by welcoming the Very High and Right Eminent Great Seneschal, together with the Great Marshal and Great Vice Chancellor and the Right Eminent Provincial Prior and his Provincial Officers and Bodyguard to Clifton Road, Birkenhead. Also present will be the Right Eminent Provincial Prior of North and East Yorkshire – the Preceptory having been formed in that Province in the town of Scarborough in 1867 before moving to Birkenhead in 1899.

26th April 2017 Palestine Preceptory No 217

The Provincial Prior, Dr Tony Mathie, accompanied by the Provincial 2nd Constable, Jeffrey Cunningham and the Deputy Provincial Marshal, Peter John Butler attended a Palestine Preceptory No. 217 installation meeting for a new knight into the order this evening. An excellent ceremony was commented on by the Provincial Prior who announced  appointments and promotions to several knights of Palestine Preceptory at the forthcoming annual meetings.

21st March 2017 de Tabley Preceptory No. 100

The Provincial Prior together with the Provincial Constables attended de Tabley Preceptory in February 2017 to witness Kt.  David Palin’s installation as a Knight Templar.

20th March 2017 Northwich Preceptory No. 558

Members of Northwich Preceptory celebrate the Installation of one of it’s Founders – V.Em.Kt. John Lightfoot – in the presence of the Provincial Sub Prior.


26th February 2017  St. David’s Preceptory No. 454

The Preceptory of St David 454 met at Mostyn, Rhewl on Thursday 26th January.

The Provincial Prior was in attendance with 26 Knights.

The photo shows E.Kt Fraser Fowlie, P.Pr.2nd.Constable, Provincial Marshal, delivering the address to the Haggis.

A good night was had by one and all.

22nd February 2017 de Tabley Preceptory  No. 100

On 22nd February de Tabley Preceptory No. 100 held an installation meeting for a new Knight into the order. The ceremony was performed in an excellent manner by all concerned.

19th February 2017 Geoffroy de Bouillon Preceptory No. 91

Geoffroy de Bouillon Preceptory No. 91 held their February meeting at The Masonic Temple
Clifton Road, Birkenhead on the 19th February.

The Acting Eminent Preceptor conducted an excellent ceremony for 3 candidates for the Malta Degree.

16th February 2017  St. Werburgh Preceptory No. 605

St. Werburgh Preceptory No 605 held their February meeting at the Freemasons Hall, Cheshire View, Christleton on Thursday 16th February.

Two candidates were installed as Knights of the Order and a member re-joined. A successful evening which included the Eminent Preceptor delivering the charge to a very good standard.

30th October 2016                    Team visit to Love and Friendship Preceptory

Team Visit to Love and Friendship Perceptory No 272
Team Visit to Love and Friendship Preceptory No 272

Installation of the Provincial Prior 2013

        install1[1]       install2[1] install3[1]

Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master Timothy John Lewis KGC

Installing Officers of Great Priory
with the Grand Master.
The Grand Master with Right Eminent Knight Anthony George Mathie, Provincial Prior  and Eminent Knight Alan Pierce, Past Great Aide de Camp, Provincial Sub Prior.