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The de Tabley Preceptory No. 100

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Established 3rd April 1868

Meeting Dates:  4th Wed February and October, 2nd Thurs May

Installation: October

Meeting at:

The Masonic Hall,
Wynbunbury Road,

01270 661195

For further information regarding how to join please contact the Registrar
c/o The de Tabley Preceptory, at the above address.

The de Tabley Preceptory was consecrated on 15 April 1868 at Knutsford under the Warrant dated 3 April 1868, the first Preceptor being Captain Richard Cope, Past Provincial Sub Prior. The Preceptory originally met at the Royal George Hotel in King Street, Knutsford but no meetings were held between 1886 and 1895.
The Preceptory was resuscitated on 16 May 1896, and has met continually since that date. In recent years the Preceptory met at the Leicester-Warren Hall, Bexton Lane, Knutsford, before relocating in January 2014 to the Masonic Hall, Wynbunbury Road, Willaston, near Nantwich.

Regular meetings of the Preceptory are held on the 4th Wednesday in February and October (Installation) and the 2nd Thursday in May.
The de Tabley Priory (Order of Malta) meets after the Preceptory meeting in October to Install the Prior elect.
The Priory holds a joint meeting with Temple Priory No. 327 and Northwich Priory No. 558 on the first Thursday in November to work the Malta Ceremony, when candidates from the respective Knights Templar Preceptories are Installed as Knights of Malta.
De Tabley is a Keystone Preceptory, having contributed to the fabric fund for the building of Mark Master Mason’s Hall, London in the 1930’s.