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De L’Isle Adam Preceptory No. 234

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Established 2nd November 1924

Meeting Dates: Last Thursday in January, March, September and November

Installation: January

2019 Meetings

Thursday 26th September – KT Meeting 1 candidate 
Thursday 28th November – KT Meeting 1 candidate

2020 Meetings
Thursday 23rd January – KT Installation
Thursday 26th March – Malta degree -Malta Installation

Meeting at:

Freemasons Hall,
Queen Street,

01244 324956

For further information regarding how to join please contact the Registrar
Simon Richardson, on 07779 393841 or by e mail on sclrichardson@aol.com.

The Preceptory was consecrated on 30th January 1925 at Freemasons’ Hall, Queen Street, Chester by the V.E.Kt. Cuthbert Leicester-Warren. There were 11 Founders from 5 local Preceptories and 11 Knights from the Provincial team. The Founding Eminent Preceptor was E Kt George Harrison PGtAdeC.

The Preceptory is named after Phillipe de L’Isle Adam, Grand Master who in 1522 with a mere handful of men made a gallant resistance in Rhodes against the Turks. They surrendered only on the condition that the Grand Master and members of the Order were allowed to depart unmolested. After losing Rhodes, de L’Isle Adam with his knights were homeless for over seven years but help came to them from Spain and de L’Isle Adam was offered the sovereignty of the Island of Malta.

De L’Isle Adam was therefore, one of the most famous of the ancient Knights Templar and saw the Order through one of its most difficult periods, that is from the expulsion from Rhodes to their settling in Malta, and it was mainly through his devotion to the Order during this period of seven years that it owes its uninterrupted traditions to the present day. The Preceptory is honoured to be named after De L’Isle Adam and is in good heart with a steady stream of Knights being installed.
Interested in joining this progressive Preceptory?  Knights Templar must be Freemasons who are Companions in the Royal Arch. The ceremony of Installation is very realistic and the regalia spectacular, based upon that worn by the Medieval Knights. The Registrar (Secretary) usually has a selection of second hand regalia if required.

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