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Grosvenor Preceptory No. 132


Established 9th April 1875

Meeting Dates: 1st Tuesday in February, March, October and December

Installation: October

Meeting at:

Freemasons Hall,
2 Queen Street,

01244 324956

This Preceptory was consecrated on 9th September 1875 at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, by the Provincial Prior, Major Cornwall-Legh.  The Eminent Preceptor was installed by C J Bannister, the Provincial Prior of Northumberland and Durham. The Warrant is dated 9th April 1875.  The authority for the consecration was contained in a letter from the Great Chancellor dated 3rd September.

The Preceptory originally met in the Grosvenor Hotel but soon moved to Queen Street, Chester.  The Preceptory has been described as having a distinctly clerical thread, and over the 1ast 50 years at least nine clerics have been installed  including Rev Kenneth Charles White, Rev Canon J A Walker, Rev Canon Michael Rylands, who was Great Prelate in 1977, Rev Canon Leslie John Forster and Rev Kenneth Charles Taylor a past Provincial Prelate. Dr Horace Ingham was Eminent Preceptor in 1956 and Joseph Hawkes, Deputy Provincial Grand Master was a member. Sir Knight C L S Cornwall-Legh was installed a Knight.

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